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installation temporaire dans un foret de Québec

architecture studio


in search of eternal ideals :
beauty, truth, power, obedience, sacrifice, life and memory
ion¹ is a small particle with an energy charge
ION² is a small architecture studio that helps its clients realise their vision by supporting them from the initial studies to the end of the construction process.  The studio is in search of eternal ideals : "beauty, truth, power, obedience, sacrifice, life and memory".  These ideals continue to form the basis of architectural education while their definition changes over time.

photo: model of a pine needle structure, scale 1:1

Each project is personally managed by Irina, senior architect, with over 20 years of experience in cultural, commercial and residential projets.

Irina holds a license to practice in the province of Quebec, in New York and in the UK

VALEURS du studio

structure de gros bois d'oeuvre
toiture artisanale en tôle pincée
intérieur du bistro en rouge et noir

Preserve history

Prioritise the use and the reuse of local materials

Compose spaces applying rules of art of architecture

The studio is engaged in restoration and transformation projects. This includes research into traditional materials and methods of construction and understanding the significant elements of the building. In the case of an addition to the existing building I seek a harmonious solution without necessarily repeating the architectural language of the past.

We are more and more conscious about the fact that reusing an existing building by adapting it to new uses is more ecological than demolishing and building again. When we work on a new construction project we aim for our choices to be as ecological as possible, as with the project for a chalet in Val David published in the journal “House for the 21st century”.

As architects, we check municipal regulations to guide the client on the standards that must be respected in a particular area of ​​the city, we check building codes to know the standards that must be respected for a particular type of building and above all, given this information and the clients requirements, our task is to compose a space that is pleasant to be in.

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