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The easiest thing to do is to call me at 514-703-1071  Sometimes it can be better to schedule a particular time for a call by sending an email ahead of time to

I suggest that we take 15 to 30 minutes to discuss the broad outlines of your project to find out if I could help you. If so, I will describe my approach and suggest next steps for you.

For consultations, for very small projects or pre-project studies I will offer you an hourly rate for my services and I will give you an estimate of the number of hours that may be required to answer your questions or to complete the work. I will not exceed the estimated number of hours without having discussed it with you and without having obtained your agreement.


For complete and well defined projects I usually propose to prepare an offer of services for you based on a fixed price. To do this, I will ask you to send me all the available information about the project and we will discuss your objectives. I will usually take one or two weeks to prepare my offer - during this time I will plan the process of design based on the available information and describe the project steps for you. In some cases I will offer options. We will then take the time to discuss my offer to confirm that it meets your needs and make adjustments if necessary.

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