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Restauration of a family home

Category I building, Westmount

Art deco plaster molding, 1937, Westmount

The original house was designed in 1937 for J. B. Briand, ESQ. by architects Eliasoph & Greenspoon.  We are lucky to have an original copy of their specifications which detail precisely the materials and methods used at the time.

After thirty years of neglect it was time to undertake a renovation.  The mandate involved the restoration of ceilings, walls and plaster moldings and the restoration of red oak floors with walnut wood details.

As an architect I assisted the clients in finding specialists to carry out the work, received and analyzed submissions and supported them during the process of construction until the work was completed.

It was a labor of love – a sacrifice measured by time.

Detail of an art deco plaster molding

1930's colour scheme, Westmount
Removing loose paint and plaster, Westmount
Freshly applied plaster ceiling, Westmount

Removing peeling paint and plaster

Day 1

Freshly applied plaster, before being painted

Day 2 - 5

In the process we discovered a palette of colours from the 1930's

Process of sanding wood floor, Westmount
Process of removing carpet from stair threads, Westmount
Red oak floors with double walnut trim, Westmount

Removing the carpet, carpet underlay and staples

Day 14 - 16

A very matte finish to capture the tactility of the wood

Day 18 - 21

Sanding the floor revealed the true color of each species wood

Benjamin Moore collection of white colours
Selected white paint samples against the wall, Westmount

An important choice - of colours - among the collection of whites.

A deliberation between a slightly warmer or slightly cooler palette for the walls, and a choice of a softer white for the ceilings, moldings and plinths, appropriate to the age of the house.

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